Looking to adopt a new best friend?
Our resident cats aren't up for adoption, but lots more are!
Check out these amazing local rescue groups for kitties that need fur-ever homes.

Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue Fresh Start Rescue Kitten Kapers Rescue

Meet our resident rescue cats! We have worked closely with Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue (BVCR) & Kitten Kapers Rescue to find kitties with personalities that suit the stressful environment of a cat cafe. They have all been dumped, surrendered, abandoned or stray, and have now found their fur-ever home at Lucky Cat Cafe and they couldn't be happier!
On occasion we also have one or two adoptable cats that we foster at the cafe through our rescue friends, check our facebook for details. All proceeds from their adoption go directly to the rescue!
By only having a couple of adoptable cats at a time, we can keep our residents cats happy while also helping out local rescues. We love helping with their more difficult adoptions, ones that need that extra bit of help to find their human.


Despite his permanent sad face, Goliath is a very smoochy happy boy that loves to play & cuddle!
He is very interested in food & drinks brought into the cat area - so watch your cupcake!
Goliath is insatiably curious about everything, especially what happens to the water when it goes down the sink!




Lulu was found as an adult in a box on Mt. Lindesay Highway & she is about 8 now. She was very scared and unsocial at first, but after many years in foster care she slowly became more loving. Lulu is now the most social cat you will meet! She loves pats all over, but especially on her back. She will lick you excitedly in return for scratches.

Lulu is very vocal, you will often hear her meowing as she walks around, just because!


Annabelle came to us the day she was desexed, after being dumped at a vet. Despite being in a scary new place & just having had surgery, she was so cuddly! Annabelle purred as soon as we picked her up, so we knew this was the right place for her. She loves to play games & explore, she's definitely our smartest kitty - she can even open doors! Watch out for her claws though, when she plays it gets a bit crazy! 




At 16 years old, Henry is true old man, he loves to snooze & appreciates a nice gentle pat. His favourite things are fresh biscuits, sunbeams & back scratches. Henry always looked after sick cats at the shelter, he would give them a bath & sleep next to them to make sure they were ok. He has the biggest heart, but the tiny meow of a kitten! He is quite the chatterbox though, and when he gets going purrs like an engine!  



Tilly is probably our most playful kitty! She's only about 2 & that means she has loads of stamina to chase her favourite toys! Due to her light coloured face snapchat filters work really well on her, you just have to get her to hold still! She loves making new friends & will happily jump up on her back legs for a boop. Tilly firmly believes in the old cat saying - 'If I fits, I sits.' and demonstrates it regularly!
She is also an experienced cake thief, your food won't stand a chance - best eat before you come in!





Felicia is the biggest sweetheart! She loves cuddles more than anyone else, but only if she's in the mood. If she has toys to chase she will run away, but if she's chilled out you can scoop her up for a 10/10 hug. Felicia & her brother Eazy are inseparable, they wrestle, play, eat & snooze together, it's obnoxiously cute!
She also low-key loves a belly rub.